Richmond VA – Day 1 (2016 Vacation #1)

Penny discovered that the cost of staying at a reasonable hotel for four nights was actually less than the cost of flying back to California on New Year’s Day. So, we got the “kids” off to their flights and then we drove into Richmond — known as RVA around town. Our first day in RVA, therefore is 1/2/2016.

I was not overly excited about this idea, but figured I would have my camera with me, so I would make do. Penny thought that since I was born in Richmond I might be interested. But we didn’t live in Richmond itself. As I recall the stories, we lived outside of the city, and I think we moved to Connecticut when I was about five years old. It turns out I was very interested, but not because of any personal or family connection. We discovered that there is a whole lot of history in this area that we only heard about in passing. Being educated in the North means we had a pretty limited understanding of what went on in the South.

So we did our usual thing and took a bus tour of the city first and then figured out where to go once we were on our own. It was great fun being in Richmond over the weekend because parking was free everywhere and the historic museums and houses were still open. So here are the pictures from the first day — and my apologies for the reflections where I took pictures through the Trolley windows.


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