Super Moon!

Super Moon 8/8/2014

This is one of the more challenging and interesting shots I have made. The story behind it is that the South County Photo Club was going on a photo shoot to get the Super Moon. They intended to meet early in the morning, 8/9/2014, at Newport Beach, CA. In preparation, the member who organized the trip sent out an e-mail …

Humpback Whale in Lahaina Bay

Humpback Hawaii 2014

In 2014 we took a cruise to Hawaii from San Pedro, CA. It was a beautiful 15 day cruise: 5 day sail to Hawaii, 4 days in the Islands, 5 day cruise from Hawaii to Ensenada and finally an overnight cruise back to San Pedro (have to hit that foreign port!). While in Lahaina Bay, we were amazed to see …

A Winter Wonderland

I have to admit, it’s beautiful. And it’s even better when it’s way in the Northeast part of the country, and I’m nice and warm here in the Southwest part of the country. Thanks to our daughter and her trusty iPhone for these beautiful pictures.