Super Moon!

Super Moon 8/8/2014

This is one of the more challenging and interesting shots I have made. The story behind it is that the South County Photo Club was going on a photo shoot to get the Super Moon. They intended to meet early in the morning, 8/9/2014, at Newport Beach, CA.

In preparation, the member who organized the trip sent out an e-mail with some suggested camera settings. Well, my Canon PowerShot was not able to achieve those settings. The fixed lens is pretty awesome (50x optical zoom, 24mm to 2400mm equivalent), but is constrained as far as the aperture and speed capabilities. So I was very unsure of what I might be able to get. Well, the best thing to do when in doubt is to test. So at about 8:42 pm on 8/8/2014, I took the camera out to our porch, got as close as I could to the recommended settings, zoomed all the way out, steadied my hand against an pole and snapped the picture. Yes, the image you see is handheld, not on a tripod. Excellent Image Stabilization.

Here are the specs:

Super Moon Camera SettingsNeedless to say, I decided not to push things once I saw this image in Lightroom. A bit of cropping and developing led me to believe I could sleep in the next morning. Which I did. Subsequently I learned that those who went to the pier were fogged in and missed the shot after all. Whew! The amateur lucked out!