Humpback Whale in Lahaina Bay

Humpback Hawaii 2014

In 2014 we took a cruise to Hawaii from San Pedro, CA. It was a beautiful 15 day cruise: 5 day sail to Hawaii, 4 days in the Islands, 5 day cruise from Hawaii to Ensenada and finally an overnight cruise back to San Pedro (have to hit that foreign port!).

While in Lahaina Bay, we were amazed to see a Humpback Whale and her calf playing just about 300 yards off the ship bow. I watched and tried to snap still images and of course, got a lot of water. Finally, as they moved past to the stern of the ship I remembered I could take movies as well. So, zoomed all the way out (2400mm) on my Canon PowerShot SX50HS, I was lucky enough to catch this beautiful animal in full breech.

This still is from that movie.